Vermont License Plates 1969-present

VT 69 #2919
Vermont 1969 Passenger issue. These undated baseplates were issued at the end of 1968 and were valid through 1969 without stickers. The plates were then used through the end of 1971 with stickers. The "See Vermont" slogan was used on and off from 1957 through 1976. These plates were issued in all numeric or one-alpha, four numeric format, with the letter as the prefix or the suffix.
VT 69 #P-1770
Vermont 1969 Passenger issue. Same issue as above, but featuring the one-alpha, four-numeric format with the letter as a prefix.
VT 71 #8837-C
Vermont 1971 Passenger issue. Continuation of above baseplate, with the alpha as a suffix. Again, these plates were issued and used through the end of 1971.
VT 73 #9987-B
Vermont 1973 Passenger issue. This base, similar to the 1969 issue but with the slogan, state name and sticker box moved from bottom to top, was first issued at the end of 1971. It has a lightly etched "72" in the sticker well, and was used without stickers through 1972 and with them through the end of 1976. Formats for these plates were A-1234, 1234-A, AB-123, and A123B.
VT 75 #BS-652
Vermont 1975 Passenger issue. Later period plate on the 1972 base, this one features the AB-123 format.
VT 76 #A602B
Vermont 1976 Passenger issue. This was the last year of the 1972-era "See Vermont" plates, and this A123B format was the last of the numbering formats used. The etched "72" was removed from the plates by this point. This issue features a colorful "76" validation sticker in celebration of the U.S. Bicentennial.
VT 79 #N-9758
Vermont 1979 Passenger issue. At the end of 1976, these new baseplates featuring the slogan "Green Mountains" were introduced. They featured round and square sticker wells at the bottom corners, with the round one never used. This plate was issued from 1977 through the end of 1984. It was invalidated in 1990, although some low-number versions can still be seen on the road today from time to time (illegally, but with duplicate numbers from base to base it's hard to tell). These were again issued in a five-digit format with a single letter prefix or suffix, or later with a two-alpha prefix.
VT 81 #7547-X
Vermont 1981 Passenger issue. Continuation of the 1977 base, this time with a single-letter suffix. This plate features a common painting error on these plates, with the shallowly-stamped round indentation at the bottom left corner being largely painted over. Many of these plates have some degree of green paint or another covering this space.
VT 82 #CX717
Vermont 1982 Passenger issue. Later period plate on the 1977 base, with a two letter prefix. These were issued after plate number 9999-Z was reached in the previous format. Again, these plates were issued through 1984 and officially valid through 1990.
VT 85 #269CN
Vermont 1985 Passenger issue. The last of the 1977-era plates were issued in a 123AB format, as seen here. This plate was issued in 1984, which was the last year of issuance for this baseplate.
VT 85 #8A204
Vermont 1985 Passenger issue. In 1985, this new graphic base was introduced, featuring a screened state name and slogan, lengthened to "Green Mountain State", and a tree at the top corner. This is rather an elaborate plate, with the area above and below the rectangle screened, then the rectangle is raised, the numbers debossed, and the top of the rectangle painted with green paint. These plates were again initially limited to five characters, in the formats of 1A234, 123A4, 1AB23 and 12AB3. The 1A234 format was first, making this one of the earliest plates on this base, which also features a rare DEC 85 expiration.
VT 88 #218A5
Vermont 1988 Passenger issue. Continuation of the above sequence, with the letter in position four. These five-digit combinations were exhausted around 1991.
VT 89 #2AF22
Vermont 1989 Passenger issue. When the single-letter plates ran out in 1988 or so, the state shifted over to a 1AB23 format, as seen here. Plates of this format and later a "reversed" 12AB3 format were issued until about the end of 1989. This 1AB23 format was supposedly issued to replace outgoing 1977-series bases that were invalidated between 1988 and 1990.
VT 90 #58AA7
Vermont 1990 Passenger issue. This 12AB3 format was the last one used before these plates exhausted the five-digit combinations and changed to a six-digit format in 1990. This 12AB3 format was apparently for new registrants in 1989, as opposed to the previous format for renewals of 1977 plates.
VT 91 #AAF 785
Vermont 1991 Passenger issue. This is the current format for Vermont plates, starting in 1990 at AAA-001. With Vermont having a relatively small population, they're averaging about one number series every three years, reaching the end of the "C" series in late 2001. This sequence should hold the state for many decades to come at that rate.
VT 94 #7684
Vermont 1994 Passenger issue. This was issued as a replacement plate for an older all-numeric plate. All-number plates below 10,000 were issued on each of the bases here as well, with the number usually being re-issued to the current holder at each change, so these plates rarely get to the general population. This plate was re-made using newer, narrow dies used on current series Vermont plates. These dies allow for a total of seven characters on the plate. I had the chance to buy the pair of these, the other of which had the old five-digit dies, and I didn't. I'm still kicking myself, it would have made a good before-and-after comparison.
VT 04 #DFK 101
Vermont 2004 Passenger issue. Still plugging along through the series after a decade or so. Starting in April, 2003, Vermont switched to a new sticker-printing system, which prints the plate number on the sticker along with the expiration date. Early versions of the sticker featured a serif, Courier-style font, which was later changed to a Helvetica-type san-serif font. I don't usually worry too much about sticker variations, but I figured it'd been WAY too long since I'd changed anything on this page.

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