Louisiana State Police Troop Codes

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These codes correspond to the Louisiana State Police Troop area in which the vehicle was registered. These codes were introduced on Louisiana license plates with the 1964/65 issue and included as part of the serial through the 1989-93 "LoUiSiAna" base. Early 1993 base "Lipstick" plates include a supplemental sticker listing the state police troop. These codes were discontinued on license plates by 1996.

Code Letter: Police Troop

A: Baton Rouge
B: New Orleans
C: Raceland/Gray*
D: Lake Charles
E: Alexandria
F: Monroe
G: Shreveport
H: Leesville**
I: Lafayette
K: Opelousas**
L: Covington
N: New Orleans***
X: Baton Rouge/Statewide Mail

* - Troop C Headquarters was relocated from Raceland to Gray at some point in the late 70s/early 80s, likely following a realignment of US Route 90.
** - Troop H in Leesville and Troop K in Opelousas were closed in 1988 due to budget issues, however plate coding for these two areas seems to have continued through 1993.
*** - There is no actual "Troop N," the "N" designation was added strictly as a plate-only code to handle overflow registrations from the Troop B (New Orleans) area.

Additional information provided by: Francis Lapeyre, Mike Robichaux

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